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Yours Truly Inc is an online hub with an extensive range of natural wellness products, ethical foods, business solutions, home & garden services, books and so much more!

We are growing a network of like-minded and action-oriented beings coming together, sharing amazing home-made products, personal services and truly unique solutions that benefit the planet, and all it’s inhabitants.

We promote ethical and truly effective products & services that adhere to this philosophy.

An Organic Hub is a place where solutions are Created!

We showcase lifestyle products and services that are good for you and your environment, beauty & wellness through holistic modalities that support your own immune system in healing itself.

We provide enterprise development solutions for start-ups and entrepreneurs along with the future of decentralised commerce with access to cutting edge technologies. Finally in the home and garden, we’ve sourced amazing products & services, brought to you by amazing, creative and truly beautiful people!

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Urban Farming Solutions

We’ve got a fantastic range of high-yield, space and water efficient farming solutions for Your house / homestead!

If you are interested in sustainable farming and looking for help, follow the link below!

Who we are?

A Conscious Collaboration between JHB’s top Urban farmers, your favourite local restaurant and a health fanatic foodie!
We are proud to bring you top class produce delivered straight to your door. An easy and simple solution without getting your ‘Hands Dirty’.

The Healthy Hormone Club is a platform for you to learn more about hormonal health.

Bio-resonance Frequency Healing

The bio-resonance machine is a complete health analysing system that scans the whole body within 40 minutes for health anomalies. It will indicate which pathogens the body is infected with as well as any lurking health problems. It also indicates which food, minerals and vitamins the body need to deal with these identified health problems.

  • Early anomaly detection.
  • Whole-body frequency analysis.
  • Safe for Everyone.

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