What is Bio-resonance Frequency Healing?

Bio-resonance scanning involves using a biofeedback device that identifies weakened frequencies within your bio-field matrix. By isolating which of the bodies organ/s are affected, a skilled practitioner is able to develop a programme for targeting organs that are dis-eased and create custom recovery plans that are unique to each specific patients needs.


The practitioner has reversed her own auto-immune disease that was classified as a psycho-neuro lupus, attacking the spinal chord and brain tissue with brain lesions that effected her ability to remember anything. She was 36 when she landed up paralysed on the right side of her body unable to walk or remember her children’s names.

After years of trying numerous doctors and experiencing first hand the physical limitations due to the side effects of toxic drugs, she decided to seek a different approach when she was given limited time to live. She refused chemotherapy and looked for alternative training from Russian integrative doctors that focused on helping the body to heal naturally. She fully recovered utilising their equipment which enabled her to target the root cause.

Through the bio-resonance and other technologies, she was coached on how to detect electrical shifts in 20+ organs and isolate pathogens I.e. bacteria, viruses, parasites, fungus etc. as well as other toxins lurking deep in the bones and tissues but feeding off a clients vitamins and minerals. This deficiency over years of build-up results in dis-ease and inherent inflammation , allergies and blood sugar abnormalities that further leads to degenerative conditions.

Unless the true cause of deficiencies is addressed, a person will land up with a medical condition ‘named’ by doctors and a prognosis of not knowing what the cause is but admitting there is no cure other than managing symptoms by chronic medication. This sadly results ultimately in further dis-ease and loss of quality of life. The treatment protocol extends to the use of organic herbs and natural medicine to assist the body in restoring itself using natures trademark.

With chronic diseases, she coaches patients to use Psych-K (Bruce Lipton ) training methods on how to re-program the sub-conscious mind to overcome past trauma and suppressed emotions. These type of repressed feeling can cause physical blockages and continuous thought patterns like this that can manifest physically in the form of dis-ease.

She has also reversed both sons autism by scanning them for pathogens hiding in the tissue and they went from remedial school to main stream education within a year and are now financially independent and living abroad. She has proven the body can heal itself if you support it with the right treatments and if you can isolate and fix the the root cause of the problem.

How does the Bio-resonance scanner work?

The machine has a natural health modality based on the use of electronic frequencies to bring about improvements in a person’s health: elimination of bacterial, viral, mold and parasite infections as well. Every bacteria, virus, mold or parasite infection in our body resonates at a specific frequency. In order to eliminate them efficiently from a person’s body, we need to apply an external frequency to the person’s body. Such a frequency should resonate at a speed very close to the speed at which the infection in his or body resonates.When we come very close to the vibration of whatever bacterial or viral infection in our body.

But even in cases when we apply a frequency that does not vibrate exactly at the same rate as the vibration of the infection, it still damages the infection sufficiently. Such an infection will after a while (plus minus two hours after the treatment), no longer be able to attach itself to any part of our body and being weakened, it will be expelled by the body.

How long does the Bio-resonance scanner take to analyse the body?

The machine will scan the body for health anomalies in approx 40 minutes.

Who can be tested?

Anyone, including children can be tested, provided they are able to sit still and relax for the duration of the testing.

How long does a Bio-resonance scan take?

The scanning and feedback session is approximately 2 hrs long in total

How much does a session cost?

The cost of one session is R1,300.0

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