“A society grows great when old men plant trees
whose shade they know they shall never sit in.”
– Greek proverb

Our Valued Partners

Vicinity has designed a leading greenwall system that is sold around the world. Our product is available in North America, Australia, South Africa and Kenya.We have developed a revolutionary modular system that takes the complexity and risk out of vertical gardens. Whether you are installing a decorative wall, or an edible vegetable or herb wall, Vicinity is right for your project.Indoor and outdoor projects are possible with our unique system.

The Good Food Network (GFN) is South Africa’s most comprehensive online resource for finding local, ethical, fair and sustainable food, events and skills. The GFN aims to accelerate the growth of the GOOD food sector until it replaces the current (broken and toxic) industrial food system.

What does “Good” mean? GOOD means GOOD for people (is produced in a healthy way), GOOD for the earth (helps to regenerate ecosystems and the soil) and GOOD for local economies and communities (pays fair prices and uses fair labour practices). GOOD includes ethical, fair, local, sustainable, organic and natural.

The Good Food Network:

  • Is a mapped directory that uses geolocating to connect the public with local organic and natural food and events
  • Helps natural and organic farmers, food producers and experts get exposure to more customers
  • Promotes training courses and events about healthy, sustainable food to help spread knowledge and skills
  • Has an extensive resource library covering all aspects off growing, preparing, and eating GOOD food
  • Publishes information and news on everything organic, ethical, sustainable, fair and local

The Good Food Network empowers the public to make choices that support their health, the earth, and their communities and promotes food sovereignty which means that people are able to exercise their choice about the food they eat, how it is grown, where it comes from and how it is traded.

If you have a place or event you think should be listed, please contact us on hello@goodfoodnetwork.co.za so we can share the GOODness! 🙂

At YOLO, we’ve taken the concept of compost tumbling and have made it even better through good design and smart engineering.
Our YOLO Compost Tumbler is a convenient method to compost organic waste from the kitchen and garden. As a closed-bin system, compost tumbling matures compost faster than compost heaps and has the advantage of being rat, dog, monkey and pest proof. Our YOLO Compost Tumblers take little space, are odour-free, and they are suitable for homes with large gardens, small gardens or no gardens.

Daggaboer is committed to delivering a range of life friendly products used to cultivate Biophilic Cannabis by supporting soil microbiology to ensure that plants get what they need, when they need it and in the quantities that they need it. We do so much more than just grow plants. We grow soil ecosystems that produce top-notch plants.

At Daggaboer we believe that the best Cannabis medicine is made from plants that are cultivated in a manner that enhances, rather than detracts from the ecosystem as a whole. We spent decades perfecting our Biophilic methods along with the products that support this life-friendly way of cultivation.

We leverage a cultivation technology that has been in research and development for 3.5 billion years with an unlimited budget. Non one knows how to grow better than nature herself and our products work with the power of nature to deliver outstanding results.

Hydroponic Plant Grower

With the Hydroponic Plant Grower™ it is simply a matter of plugging it in. Our design takes care of the rest. Due to the vertical nature of our system there is no need for an air stone or second pump. While there are multiple techniques in hydroponic growth, our system utilises the Nutrient Film Technique or NFT. NFT means that the plants meet their needs through continuous water flow. The roots are exposed to a small stream of water carrying the nutrients and minerals. An air stone in the reservoir pumps air into the water. Through the NFT unit, the plants are supplied with their natural needs of water, nutrients and oxygen.

LINDROS – Whole Earth Consultants

Alan Rosenberg is the sole proprietor of Lindros Whole Earth Consultants.

Lindros specialises in Agroecology, and provides consultations, training and project management in food sovereignty and food security projects. LINDROS uses a whole systems approach for the development and management of Fertile Healthy Soils and promotes appropriate treatment and management of all on site waters resulting in communities that are successful, self-supporting and which enjoy food sovereignty & food security all within stable natural environments.

Agroecology is the science and practice of sustainable agriculture; the methods of agroecology have as their goal achieving s sovereignty & sustainability of agricultural systems balanced in all spheres. This includes the socio-economic and the ecological or environmental.

SAOSO is a National Non-Profit Organisation consisting of individuals, groups, and organisations of people throughout Mzansi, who identify with the aims of SAOSO. We have launched a set of South African Organic standards, that are supported by key stakeholders within the Organic sector. The standards will allow for consolidation of the Organic sector in South Africa and furthermore, will allow for ethical access by farmers to the marketplace.

YoursTrulyInc – Home & Garden Products / Services

We have Incredible partners focused on producing amazing solutions for Your entire home and garden!
From monthly maintenance plans to home waste-management, food production and energy resources, we have got you covered.
We also provide training & workshops from business management & social media, along with sustainability resources.

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