The plants World is vast, diverse and Truly amazing when one thinks of the sheer scale. There really is a plant for everything it seems, and Comfrey has stepped up to show it’s true power marvelously.

Our story begins as any plant one does, in the garden. And in particular, how to develop healthy soil. It so happens that Comfrey is a Bio-Dynamic Accumulator, which means it mines for nutrients and brings them to it’s roots. By planting Comfrey in ‘companionship’ with other plants, they all benefit from this relationship.

Needless to say, Comfrey is indeed a friend of the natural gardener, as the plant grows rapidly, which allows for a fair amount of produce or biomass (leaves) is gained. The leaves chopped up can be used to assist the faster breakdown of compost. But as one can in the garden, we digress.

The true nature of this plant only became apparent through an adventure to an Eastern Cape farmstead, where a healing center was growing herbs and vegetables naturally, and providing nutritional and wellness support to the many surrounding communities. Herbal teas, and rock salt solution’s to balance acidity and plant based meals to demonstrate the need or fresh produce in healthy diets. Really changing the lives of thousands of people.

But the star of the show, the well-known and legendary cure for tremendous body aches and pains, swollen joints and badly overworked muscles, was indeed the humble Comfrey massage oil that was loving infused each evening by the healing center team. The Comfrey leaves would infuse in Coconut oils and other carriers to absorb the powerful attributes contained within.

Comfrey has been long known as ‘Knit-bone’ for it’s assistance with broken and hurt bones, in both human and animals. A combination of leaves and root is processed into a ‘Poultice’ which then covers the injury, and is left to rest. The results are astounding from reports throughout the accounts told, with true healing and reparations of cracks and breaks of all types.

Then the plant revealed how through an infusion with deep tissue carriers like Coconut oil, the healing properties and Cellular Regeneration would be taken deep into muscles and work to release the pain. The massage oil worked to help so many suffering, that it was also in demand and always treated with Awe!

And it is from this magical experience that the BeeComfrey brand was created and continues to produce this Comfrey Infused Body Rejuvenation oil, to honour the people of that healing center and to share the energy and of this plant with as many people as possible.

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