Do what you can, with what you have.

The Phahame Project is a unique initiative, but one that the potential to affect great change!

Providing a micro-enterprise business for registered operators to collect the cities waste from home-to-home, safely and efficiently, by using the custom built trikes made by the Phahama Project. With operator training and support, the drivers are given an opportunity to travel and collect discarded material from the homes of millions. The maintenance of the trikes is undertaken by the project, with an opportunity for skills development ever-present. The basket itself maintains complete separation between the waste and an outer shell, that forms the 6 square meters of visible covering. Advertising on the covering provides a monthly income for the operator, provides maintenance to the vehicles and sustains the organisation to run.

Supporting entrepreneurs to develop and grow a business, while also providing a very valuable service to society, that is desperately needed is immense. There are so many local solutions to the Local challenges we are facing as a country, that we only need to look to each other Our problems. An extremely powerful addition to the above mentioned, is the ability to connect with other Organisations that are helping to change the circumstances. The exposure for any brand that assists with empowering local people and supports local solutions is well rewarded in many ways!

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