“Life is from the inside out –
When you shift on the inside, life shifts on the outside.”
-Kamal Ravikant

Our Valued Partners

The Harvest Table is a family run business based in Kwazulu-Natal. After being diagnosed with Hodgkin’s Lymphoma, a lymph cancer, when she was 20 years old, owner and founder Catherine Clark began to study the importance of a good quality diet and a well-balanced life on one’s health and wellbeing. She often struggled to find good quality and pure foods to incorporate into her diet which forced her to start searching further abroad.

The Harvest table is founded on the following principles:
• We believe in offering the best quality products available;
• We believe in educating our customers on how to make better food choices;
• We believe in offering products which are additive, preservative and filler free;
• We believe in using earth conscious packaging wherever possible;
• We believe in creating employment in our country and wherever possible will
employ a person before a machine to carry out a function

There are so many products out there that are made from cheap and harmful chemicals and even though they clean efficiently, they are harsh on the skin and bad for the environment. So much so that it is easy to feel guilty about using them.

Better Earth provides cleaning products that are gentle on the environment (and your hands) but also high quality cleaning agents. All of our products are as effective as other cleaning products but provide peace of mind to the Eco-conscious user. There is so much to worry about in this world; at least what the chemicals in your household cleaners are doing to the earth is no longer one of them.

Clean Africa Eco

Founded in 2019 by Natalie Killian in Johannesburg North.
We pride ourselves on the fact that our company offers the highest quality Eco and environmentally friendly products.
Our product range is currently offered on a national scale but we are aiming to take these amazing products to global locations.
Delivery is available nationally or cross border and bulk purchases are available for re-sale. Each of the products have been formulated after years of tried and tested formulas with effective enzymes that create the most clean and fresh results.

Our Mission

To impact the globe positively with effective solutions.

Our Vision

A global work force who aspire to build a better world.

Our Values

Operating with honesty, integrity and mindfulness.

The Kitchen Co. strive to become market leaders in all areas regarding home and commercial interiors in Africa. We specialise in the manufacture, supply and installation of fully fitted kitchens, bathrooms, bedroom cupboards, vanities, flooring and other finishing products.

Our product range is vast, consisting only of state of the art materials with enough variety for our clients to achieve the exact aesthetic, functionality and value for money they desire.

Our team of consultants and carpenters boast a combined 120 years experience in the industry, responsible for some of the biggest innovations, product developments and newfound standards that are being offered today in the local market. At The Kitchen Co. we are committed to excellence in all spheres of our day to day business. Our clients receive nothing but first class service, combined with unparalleled expertise and knowledge for any job big or small, ensuring peace of mind and overall project delivery every time.

Ethical Suppliers was founded in 2013 to assist consumers to find organic, non GMO and free range food more easily. The organization also has a number of educational, agricultural and philanthropic objectives in place.

Revenue from automated programmatic media helps fund the Ethical Suppliers Organization’s community development projects which aim to increase small scale free range and organic food production, prevent animal cruelty, pollution control & recycling, and heirloom seed conservation.

To donate, please e-mail info@ethicalsuppliers.co.za for details.

Dreams coming true are just little thoughts that eventually become realities – this is the story of Stonelodge. As a child, to have had the privilege of a great farm life and to be surrounded by a family in the food trade, my love of elegant and wholesome food was birthed. Hosting friends for breakfasts, teas, lunches and dinners have always been a passion and spoiling friends with homemade farm goodies has been something I have loved. This is how the story of Stonelodge became a reality. We were invited to friends for dinner and I took along a bottle of home-made herb dressing. That evening the host turned to us and said, “I think you need to market this”. What a fun and daunting journey it has been, but meeting fabulous people along the way and having a home that constantly smells of roasted nuts has made the journey all worthwhile. We look forward to the continued journey and the friendships we make along the way. We thank you all for your continued support and positive feedback.

In ending. Never be scared of the quietness of your own thoughts, because through your thoughts is where realities begin to happen.

Keep Dreaming
Lots of love

We are Güdco – the good company that produces quality goods, for good. We believe that most people want to help those less fortunate, they just might not have the time or means to do so.

Güdco products provide an easy and convenient way for you to help, whilst purchasing a commodity you need. By using Güdco products, you’re consciously helping to change SA for good. Hand-wrapped in eco-friendly paper to promote hygiene, packed in recycled paper boxes to replace plastic and sold in bulk to minimise our carbon footprint. BPA free. Contains no chlorine, acids, inks, dyes or strange scents and is 100% biodegradable – sewer & septic tank safe. Every Güdsheet purchase helps provide toilets & toilet paper to those in need!


Wonderbag is a simple but revolutionary non-electric, portable slow cooker. It continues to cook food (which has been brought to a boil by conventional methods) for up to 8 hours without the use of additional electricity or fuel.

The Wonderbag business model is based on a buy one, donate one. For every retail Wonderbag bought, $1 is donated to the Wonderbag Foundation to subsidize Wonderbags and host WonderFeasts in vulnerable communities around the world.

No Plugs. No Fuss.

Benlu Collars..

Are not just dog collars. Benlu Collars is an idea.

Benlu stands for more than just dogs. It combines functionality with agency. When you buy a collar, you not only spoil your dog, but you help an array of individuals.

We believe in giving back!

Our collars are hand made by African women who need extra income. We want to create financial empowerment to women in need of an extra hand. We manufacture collars with unique African Shwe Shwe material and animal friendly pleather instead of leather. Our unique slip collar design is very easy to use and comfortable for any breed to wear. Available in all sizes XS,S, M, L & XL and can even be custom made for unique cases. 

Benlu Collars is created by a dog enthusiast for dogs with comfort and function in mind. We know how important the correct collar is to a dog. It is not just a garment on your dog, it is a safety net that has your details on in case they go missing. That is why we love the uniqueness of our collars.

Benlu is a South African based initiative that was created to empower underprivileged women in our community as well as make our customer’s fur babies feel like absolute royalty! We have shelter initiatives where we donate collars to shelters in need and support them regularly in any way we can. 

Following years of extensive research and development in erasable-coating chemistry, MOXIwall was the first business in South Africa to formulate a whiteboard paint. As a result, we’re proud to provide our customers with a world-class product at the best possible price (we will beat any price on the market).

Welcome to Clay Oven. Joe, Koulla and the team work hard to get the restaurant going and noticed and successful.

So let’s introduce ourselves:
Joe is the Chef. He works his kitchen with a determination that would take your breath away.
Then there’s Koulla – Big Greek (Cypriot) Mama in the front. There are three things you need to know about her. She is honest to a fault.

Our team of cooks and waiters is steadily melding together into a strong machine that offers friendly and efficient service. We each know our strengths and work to those. Koulla is able to help you choose something great off the menu, Alfredo and Alfios, Clement and Elvis are the ones who get the waiter thing right. Oh, and for now, Koulla is the dessert menu – you have to ask to see her for what’s sweet after your meal.

We love our vegan and vegetarian customers as much as our meat eaters… so for our ‘Veggies’ there’s the Quinoa Burger: no bread, no wheat, just great more-ish flavour. We also have a very interesting “Friday Cake” which has a story steeped in history all of its own.

We look forward to hosting you and your friends and family, because isn’t that what life is all about? Great food, and our friends and family.

Need a Foodtruck?

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