BeeComfrey: Body Rejuvenation Oil

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Our Body Rejuvenation oil is infused with Comfrey leaf and other herbs to create a potent multi-purpose remedy, that is a natural solution to a multitude of problems related to muscle, joint and skin concerns.

The herbal infused oil may be used to assist with topical pain relief and for reducing chronic inflammation, along with providing relief for sensitive skin.

The herbs selected for their properties include;

  • Comfrey for it’s powerful Anti-inflammatory, analgesic and fast-acting wound healing properties
  • Rosemary for skin rejuvenation and reduced bruising effect
  • Thyme for Anti-bacterial, Antimicrobial and enhanced circulation.

The choice of All components are natural and biodegradable, with no artificial additives.


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1 review for BeeComfrey: Body Rejuvenation Oil

  1. Maria du plessis

    I use this oil on my massage clients and they love it. Amazing for stiff muscles.

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