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EMF Health Multacard

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The EMF Health MultiCard is designed to cancel the harmful effects of EMF, 3/4/5G/WiFi & electrical equipment. The harmonic field that the EMF Health MultiCard creates around you has a range of 3 meters on both sides of the card. The closer you are to the card, the stronger the card works. The MultiCard is made from 100% natural materials. The outside is made from organically grown corn, and the inner frame consists of the harmonic metal Bismuth, in combination with other sources of natural metal.

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What is EMF? EMF stands for electromagnetic fields in English, EMF for short. There is both natural and unnatural EMF. Unnatural EMF comes from Wi-Fi and mobile networks (3G, 4G and 5G), transmission towers and high-voltage pylons, among others, and is popularly referred to as “radiation”. Over the past 20 years, the body has experienced an enormous increase in unnatural radiation, both in quantity and strength.
Why the EMF Health MultiCard Existing anti-radiation products such as mobile stickers or Shungite block the radiation from a device or create an electromagnetic field using electronics and batteries. The EMF Health MultiCard does not block radiation and does not use electronics to create an electromagnetic field. The patented HQR technology in the EMF Health MultiCard creates a harmonic electromagnetic field. This field is specifically tailored to the structure of the water in each organism. This allows the water structure to recover and any effects of the unnatural and non-harmonic radiation to be undone. The main purpose of the harmonic field is to bring the natural defense system back to its original state, so that you are better protected against electrosmog.

For the best personal EMF protection, carry your EMF Health MultiCard with you throughout the day, and keep it close to your bed when sleeping. Unlike other anti-radiation products that only block the radiation from one device, the EMF Health MultiCard creates strong natural protection against all radiation, anytime and anywhere.

Users of the product over a number of weeks, have reported up to 30% more energy, improved sleep and general well-being. The MultiCard can be used according to your personal preference. You can decide whether you want to have it with you all day or just for several hours and which symbol, energizing or calming, you want to use. You feel what your body needs and what feels good.

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