enOrmus Bud 100ml – Limited Edition

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Contains pure Ormus for soil and plants, as well as fulvic acid and humic acid.

Agricultural use.


Ormus, soil and plants

Minerals are essential for life. Cells need minerals for healthy growth and maintenance.

A wide spectrum of minerals are present in our Ormus, (at least 70), mostly in trace quantities. These include many minerals that are difficult to get elsewhere.

So on the matter level, ingesting mineral and nutrient dense foods, promotes healthier microbial, plant, animal and human health. Ormus promises to deliver on this vital component of healthy organisms.

Adding our agriOrmus to compost or soils where food and feed is being produced,
stimulates healthy microbial life tremendously.

Microbial populations in healthy soils work in synergy with plant roots to ensure nutrient-dense healthy food , to the benefit of all life on our planet, including us. This is totally sustainable and builds soil health over time.

​Sprouted seeds are another great way to take Ormus. Soak seeds in an Ormus solution before sprouting.


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