Herbal Tea range

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Art of Craft herbal teas are mixed in below standard doses so that anyone can enjoy the long term benefits of the use of these teas.  It is safe for all to try. It is recommended that a different blend be used, if the use of one blend should continue 3 -5 times a day for longer than 14 days.  

Art of Craft takes pride in supporting local farmers and small scale growers in the areas where it is sold.  This support ensures the freshest teas one can find on the market, often only dry for 30 days.   Each tea blend is based on the properties of the ingredients used, the ingredients may vary according to season and availability in the surrounding areas.

Each blend is also based on intuitive knowledge and experience.  This tea does not replace medical treatment or medication, do consult a medical practitioner before using alternative treatments, as an alternative.

These Herbal tea blends do not contain any actual tea leaves, which makes them caffeine free 🙂


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Detox 20g, Energy 20g, Headache 20g, Stress 20g, Digestive 20g


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