“If there is magic on this planet, then it is contained in water!” – Loren Eiseley


Water is a critical element on our Earth, and one that truly flows through everything with such an awe-inspiring force! We are very blessed to have such an incredible substance that forms the majority of our bodies structure.  

We all know the three very distinct phases of water, being solid as ice, liquid water and water vapour as a gas. Many years of research and study has since shown the existence of a fourth phase of water. The formal name given is Exclusion Zone [EZ] water, and is commonly referred to as structured or magnetised water .  

Structured water can be sourced naturally where water has been untouched by mankind and the mechanised World, and also directly inside healthy living cells. The molecules can be identified through the formation of hexagonal groupings, also known as sacred geometric shapes. Current studies are showing how these molecules demonstrate a much higher level of electrical charge that those of unhealthy or dis-eased ones. This is a very important discovery to support the understanding of proper cell function within the human body.  

By consuming water that is effectively charged to its optimum levels, we are giving ourselves a great boost in function. Structured water supports efficient detoxification from any external environmental factors that may affect your body throughout any given day. In the same vein, when water is consumed that contains various contaminants such as hormones, pollutants, toxins, or water that has been chemically treated without proper remineralistaion, the molecular structure of the cells are damaged and this impairs your immune systems ability to sufficiently protect you.  

Fresh water found in nature is full of highly beneficial antioxidants and is essentially energised through natural processes of being in a flow-state, and absorbing minerals on it path across the Earth. We need to drink at least 3-4 Liters of water to remain in proper hydration, which directly support our immune systems, assist in digestion of food and most importantly detoxify the body. It goes without saying then, that water can assist with performance, mood and overall wellness in a massive way.  

The health benefits of drinking energised and structured water, that supports your own immune system and allows you to function optimally is endless. Start your journey as soon as you can, and to help you monitor the progress you make, keep a log or diary of everything you experience.