“The concept of total wellness recognizes that our every thought, word, and behavior affects our greater health and well-being.
And we, in turn, are affected not only emotionally but also physically and spiritually.”
– Greg Anderson

Our Valued Partners

We at Oh My Health make superior products and form relationships with those who enjoy them. We put our capital into continuing to make high quality natural products that promotes health and well-being and that our customers love, as well as develop new and interesting products that is not only healthy for you and your family but our environment and world as a whole.
Our luxurious handcrafted beauty and body products are made from 100% natural ingredients. ​Much care is put into creating the healthiest in bath and body-care products using the highest quality in plant based ingredients in an environment that is infused with love and passion.

​Oh My Health’s mission is to make every effort to assist as many individuals as possible to discover new, safer and healthier ways to stay holistically beautiful, keep their homes holistically clean and care for this beautiful planet that is our only home. We are committed to making our world a healthier, better place, one natural product at a time. We invite you now to choose a healthier approach to your daily beauty routine and to replace hazardous substances with safer alternatives for a healthier you overall.

Druids Garden is a Health & Wellness company that was formally established in 2017 to grow & harvest endangered plants used in African Traditional Medicine, so as to manufacture & distribute a range of medicinal and general health related products.

Druids Garden, Druids Grow, Druids Extracts and the Druids Garden Retreat are subsidiaries of Druids Holdings (Pty) Ltd, registered in South Africa. The company brings together more that 30 years of grow and 10 years of medicinal extract and manufacture experience.

Druids Holdings currently manufactures a broad range of high quality medicinal products that are marketed under the Druids Garden brand. Different types of plant matter are grown for different ailments and packaged as:

By growing, processing and manufacturing our own products in small batches we ensure the quality of our unique medicinal and general health & wellbeing products. Where we are unable to grow our own plants we source the highest quality from trusted suppliers.

Druids Garden medicinal products are proven to be highly effective in treating a wide range of ailments. We conduct professional laboratory tests that demonstrate the high quality of our products and these test results are available for customers and interested parties. Most of our competitors are not that open about the quality of their products.

We have been growing medicinal plants for 30 years and distributing our products to doctors and traditional health practitioners for more than 2 years. We have documented proof of how effective they are at treating a wide range of ailments.

Because of our unique access to scarce and sought after raw materials at low cost, we are able to manufacture high quality products and offer them to our customers at a lower cost than our competitors.

Druids Garden has a well-established record of the success of its products, offers higher quality products than our competitors and they cost less!

The Earth Faerie is an artisanal range of vegetarian-friendly, natural salves and tinctures. These remedies are inspired by my personal experiences of the vast properties of the plants around us and my uneasiness with the pharmaceutical medicines I was having to use and their resulting negative side effects.

The Earth Faerie salves assist with the care of skin ailments, and the tinctures cover a wide range of remedies including immune boosters, analgesics and other stress and health-related issues. Due to my carbon-footprint consciousness and my aversion to pesticides and man-made chemicals, The Earth Faerie range contains only home-grown plants – nurtured either in my own garden or sourced from local suppliers – all of whom share my belief in natural remedies and the preservation of our earth. All containers used are recyclable.

The products are useful for home as well as travel. They fit easily into a handbag and make wonderful gifts all year round.

Salves are available in both plastic and glass 30 gram containers. Tinctures are available in 50ml bottles and are made with 43% alcohol

365 Healthy By Choice products are sourced from around the world:
North America, South America, Europe, Asia and Southern Africa and Packed in South Africa. Regenerative Nutrition.

The products are certified and naturally, organically or wild sourced. They are guaranteed 100% pure and free from synthetic additives, fillers and preservatives.

They are handcrafted and available in capsules, powders, tinctures and imprinted in EM solutions.

‘Our Food is Our medicine and Our medicine is Our Food’ (Hippocrates)

More about Jane Mackenzie here.

Free Mind Health was born in 2013, with the dream of providing access to alternative health protocols and natural medicines . Since then, we have grown in knowledge, gratitude as well as in our product range – having sourced a group of excellent suppliers, enabling us to give you the best quality natural medicines at a reasonable price.

LINDROS – Whole Earth Consultants

Alan Rosenberg is the sole proprietor of Lindros Whole Earth Consultants.

Lindros specialises in Agroecology, and provides consultations, training and project management in food sovereignty and food security projects. LINDROS uses a whole systems approach for the development and management of Fertile Healthy Soils and promotes appropriate treatment and management of all on site waters resulting in communities that are successful, self-supporting and which enjoy food sovereignty & food security all within stable natural environments.

Agroecology is the science and practice of sustainable agriculture; the methods of agroecology have as their goal achieving s sovereignty & sustainability of agricultural systems balanced in all spheres. This includes the socio-economic and the ecological or environmental.

Advanced Wellness

Is a distributor of natural health and wellness products in South Africa.

Colour Yourself Healthy (Pty) Ltd and Advanced Wellness Distribution (Pty) Ltd were founded by a group of passionate individuals, whose mission is to make a difference and educate people on how they can use healthy, organic products to enhance and improve their lives.

We believe in ethical local supply and sustainability. Health and wellness education regarding water, minerals, herbs, diet, lifestyle choices and environmental factors is our motivation. We aim to continually research, source, test and supply the healthiest products available from reputable manufacturers.

We at Advanced Wellness believe that through ethical supply chain practices and localised distribution, we can lower our environmental footprint, provide fair pricing and increase our service delivery to you, the client.

YoursTrulyInc – Wellness Products & Services

We have a growing network of wellness experts creating natural and holistic remedies to assist the body in building a stronger immune system. We feel that only chemical and symptomatic medicinal treatments should be a last resort, while measured lifestyle changes that creates balance alongside healthy supplementation is the answer to a world with less Dis-ease!

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